New electric cars in the UAE this year

You’ve taken the decision to switch to an electric car. Good decision. But you may be feeling overwhelmed by choice, so we’ve compiled a list of some of the most anticipated electric vehicles set to debut in the UAE in 2023.

The great thing is that there really is something for everyone in the line-up. Whether you’re after a top-end sports car or a family-friendly hatchback, the choice will be there by the end of the year.

So let’s look at some of the fully electric cars that we’re most excited about.

Nissan Ariya

Nissan’s all-electric crossover, revealed at Dubai Expo 2022, aims to set new benchmarks in innovation and mobility. With battery options of 63 kWh or 87 kWh, the Ariya offers a range of 330 km to 458 km. The vehicle also comes equipped with ProPILOT Park, Apple CarPlay, and a suite of safety features, blending traditional Japanese design with futuristic technology.

BYD Atto3

The BYD Atto3 is a new all-electric SUV that is set to shake up the market. With its stylish design, impressive range and range of advanced safety features, it’s a car that’s sure to turn heads. The BYD Atto3 is powered by a 60.5kWh battery that gives it a range of up to 260 miles on a single charge. This makes it ideal for both city driving and longer journeys. The car also comes with a range of advanced safety features, including adaptive cruise control, lane-keeping assist and automatic emergency braking.

Inside, the BYD Atto3 is just as impressive as it is on the outside. The cabin is spacious and comfortable, with plenty of room for five adults. The seats are supportive and the materials are high-quality. The car also comes with a range of features that make it a pleasure to drive, such as a 12.8-inch touchscreen infotainment system and a 10.25-inch digital instrument cluster.

Polestar 2

The Polestar 2 is a stylish and sleek-looking fully electric sedan that boasts impressive performance and technology. Providing a range of up to 434 km on a single charge from its 78kWh battery pack, the Polestar 2 is perfect for long journeys and daily commutes alike.

The Polestar 2 single-motor variant produces 231 horsepower and 330Nm of torque and can sprint from 0 to 100kmph in 7.4 seconds. It has a top speed of 160 km/h. The long-range dual-motor variant packs more power and performance.

Volkswagen ID8

The Volkswagen ID8 is an all-electric SUV that is set to debut in 2023. It is based on Volkswagen’s MEB platform, which is also used for the ID3 and ID4 electric cars. The ID8 will be larger than the ID4, and it will offer seating for up to seven passengers. It is expected to have a range of over 300 miles, and it will be available in rear-wheel drive and all-wheel drive configurations. The ID8 will come standard with a variety of advanced driver assistance systems, and it will be available with a panoramic sunroof and a premium audio system.

Cadillac LYRIQ

The first-ever electric SUV from Cadillac is designed to redefine the brand’s standards of luxury and performance. With an estimated 340 horsepower and a range of over 482 km, the LYRIQ is poised to make a lasting impression. Its exterior features a full-glass roof, while its charging capabilities promise up to 83 km of range per hour of home charging and up to 122 km of range in just 10 minutes of DC fast charging.

Lexus RZ 450e

The 2023 Lexus RZ 450e is Lexus’ first full EV. Built on an e-TNGA framework that is shared with the Toyota BZ4X and Subaru Solterra, this utility vehicle offers the usual luxury trappings and some innovative features. But the RZ 450e’s range – the most important aspect of any EV – is embarrassingly short for the new breed of EVs. According to Lexus, the RZ 450 SUV will go up to 225 miles with minimal 18-inch wheels. The exterior of the RZ is sharply styled with a floating ceiling, ducktail spoiler, and aggressive headlamps. The cabin has a more minimalist design, with most controls powered by a large touchscreen infotainment display.

Lightyear One

The Lightyear One is a large hatchback, with the bonnet, roof, and boot-clad with solar panels, delivering a reported range of 400 km (249 miles). The car is all-wheel drive, with four in-wheel electric hub motors powered by a low-mounted battery; it seats five adults and luggage. Developed in a collaboration between Netherlands-based Lightyear and the Sharjah Research, Technology and Innovation Park in the UAE, we could get very excited about a fully solar-powered vehicle – after all, we have a lot of sunshine here in the UAE. The price tag is a downside though, as the car will cost around AED 900,000.


BMW’s iX features fifth-generation eDrive technology, dual electric motors, and an all-wheel-drive system. With a range of over 600 km and acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in less than 5 seconds, this luxury vehicle promises a thrilling drive. The iX also offers a modern driving experience with Shy Tech controls and a frameless head-up display.


The BYD Han is a mid-size luxury sedan available in two variants: an all-electric variant and a plug-in hybrid variant. The Han all-electric variant is powered by a 71.1 kWh lithium-ion battery pack that delivers an NEDC range of 550 km.

The car is also equipped with a variety of advanced features, including a 31cm digital instrument cluster, a 39.6cm touchscreen infotainment system, a 12-speaker Harman Kardon sound system, and a 360-degree camera system. The Han is also equipped with a variety of safety features, including automatic emergency braking, lane departure warning, and adaptive cruise control.

Tesla Roadster

The highly anticipated Tesla Roadster is set to become the world’s quickest electric car, with a 0-100 km/h acceleration of just 2.1 seconds. This all-electric supercar will feature a new plaid powertrain, a top speed of over 400 km/h, and a 200 kWh battery pack for a staggering 620 miles of driving range.

As we embrace the electric revolution, it’s essential to be aware of the pros and cons of electric cars and dispel any myths that may surround them. With this impressive lineup of eco-friendly vehicles arriving in 2023, the UAE is well on its way to a greener future. Whether you’re looking for an affordable used car or the latest electric models, the UAE has something for everyone.

Renault Megane E-Tech Electric

The Megane E-Tech is a compact, sporty crossover that boasts a 60 kWh ultra-slim battery and a 160 kW motor. With a weight of just 1,620 kg and up to 26 driver-assistance systems, this vehicle offers both agility and safety. Its modular design and extra storage, including a 44-litre boot capacity, add to its appeal.

This is just a selection of the electric cars that will be available this year and it’s worth spending some time researching all the options. Another good starting place could be the Dubai EV Community Hub, which has information about most of the available models and charging infrastructure, along with details of incentives and relevant government support schemes.

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