A new EV ad beautifully blends nature and technology

Can you hear cars from where you are reading this? Unless you’re a long way from ‘civilisation’, the answer is probably yes.  The sound of petrol engines provides a near-constant soundscape to our daily lives.

But electric vehicles (EVs) are quieter than their combustion-engine equivalents.  So the background noise of our cities may be less intrusive in future.  One study published in the Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, found that moving fully to EVs might reduce urban noise levels by up to 3 decibels (dB) in some areas.  That may not sound like a lot, but in the context of traffic noise, a 3dB reduction can mean the difference between the sound of a busy main road and a quieter residential street. This change can significantly enhance the ambiance of outdoor public spaces like parks or café terraces.

A beautiful new advertisement created by Al-Futtaim Group, the UAE’s largest automotive retail company, points to this quieter future.  The company is aiming for half of the cars it sells in the UAE to be ‘new energy vehicles’ by 2030 and is already generating substantial sales of EVs in the country with brands including BYD, Polestar and Volvo.

In the “Silent Parade” ad, which will be seen in UAE from today, we see a convoy of electric cars snaking silently across the country’s distinctive landscapes. From the sweeping dunes to the vibrant cityscape, each segment of the parade’s journey forms a stage in a larger narrative; electric cars, with their silent operation, blend seamlessly into the natural surroundings, respecting the delicate sounds of the desert, the sea, and the city.

From Pledge to Change “Silent Parade” was filmed on location in UAE in November 2023 and was created by Okuku Digital. It celebrates Al-Futtaim Group’s role as Strategic E-Mobility Partner of COP28.

The ad is a celebration of silence, an ode to the subtle sounds of nature that are often drowned out in our modern world. This interaction between technology and nature is symbolic of a new era where human innovation exists in harmony with the natural world.

Tara Bakshi, Creative Director of OKOKU​​, which produced the ad, said: “OKOKU is delighted to have produced The Silent Parade film for Al-Futtaim Group. We wanted the film to echo the tranquil coexistence of nature and mobility, encapsulating the nation’s evolution with a technology-driven future while celebrating the beauty of silence in a world of sustainable motion.”

The film also celebrates Al-Futtaim Group’s role as Strategic E-Mobility Partner of COP28, highlighting a commitment to environmental sustainability and innovative technology.

Katib Belkhodja, Customer Centricity Director of Al-Futtaim Automotive said: “Al-Futtaim’s film is a celebration of the changing nature of mobility in the UAE. We are dedicated to accelerating the green mobility transition in the UAE, and this inspiring film is an exhilarating demonstration of this commitment and our pledge to deliver 50% New Energy Vehicles and install 10% of the country’s charging stations by 2030.”

This is a narrative about our future, where the hum of the city is in tune with the whisper of the wind. It’s a far cry from the noisy, adrenaline-pumped car ad tropes that usually fill our screens.

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