Category: EV News

The rise and rise of BYD

BYD has burst onto the world stage. What makes it so different? Great cars and a strong, diversified business are creating long-term success.

The BYD Han could rule the road

The BYD Han is an elegant, tech-filled, luxury sedan EV and it’s coming soon to the UAE. It’s a car that befits its imperial name.

The rise of the two-wheel EV

Two-wheel electric vehicles are growing in popularity, attractive new users and investors. They are arriving in UAE, but are already very widespread in India.

Why Are Chinese EVs So Popular?

China’s automotive industry is booming. It’s a clear leader in electric car manufacture and export but also very strong in conventional cars.

Major Abu Dhabi investment in NIO

Abu Dhabi investment fund, CYVN Holdings, has made a $1 billion investment in Chinese electric vehicle maker NIO. There is a growing economic relationship between UAE and China.

Will UAE follow US lead on auto emissions?

In a bid to combat climate change, the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has proposed new tailpipe emissions limits, which could see 67% of all new vehicles sold in the country being all-electric by 2032.