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28 reasons to switch to an EV

With 28 days until COP28, we’ve compiled 28 reasons to switch to an EV. They offer practical and financial benefits and let you live a more sustainable life.

Should new drivers learn in EVs?

Learner drivers will need to learn in EVs in future. Why not start now? Getting to grips with the greater acceleration would improve road safety. And they don’t pollute!

The most luxurious EVs

Can electric vehicles be as luxurious as their gas-guzzling counterparts? Absolutely! Here’s our rundown of some of the most luxurious EVs.

Best EVs for families

What are some of the best family EVs available in UAE? We select some of the most attractive options, combining space and performance.

Financing your electric dreams

They say it’s good to dream big. But how can you make those dreams come true when it comes to buying a top of the range electric car?

What does driving an EV say about you?

The electric vehicle market is accelerating at an exhilarating rate in the UAE, but the decision to go electric is about more than just reducing carbon emissions and saving on fuel costs.