Category: EV In UAE

Recharge & Roam: Yas Island Abu Dhabi

Yas Island is action-packed, with theme parks, motorsports, concerts, shopping, dining and entertainment on offer. It also has many EV charging stations.

Recharge & Roam: Dubai Mall

Free EV charging is available at Dubai Mall. That’s a perfect excuse for an electrifying day out shopping, dining and having fun.

Major Abu Dhabi investment in NIO

Abu Dhabi investment fund, CYVN Holdings, has made a $1 billion investment in Chinese electric vehicle maker NIO. There is a growing economic relationship between UAE and China.

Best EVs for families

What are some of the best family EVs available in UAE? We select some of the most attractive options, combining space and performance.

EVs are everywhere

Electric cars are everywhere on the roads of the UAE. There are 15,000 of them today and this is increasing dramatically.

EV charging stations in the UAE

When you are driving your electric car on familiar roads, you will probably know all the charging options nearby. Slow, cheaper charging overnight or faster charging if you need a quick top-up between journeys.